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New Year...Same You!

A new year. 2023. I am not one to set resolutions, rather intentions. As a yogi who strives to live life with the ideals, philosophy and ethics of this practice daily, everything centers around intentions. Living intentionally, with a routine that keeps me grounded, centered and focused on the here and now. So why would we look ahead and plan out what our year will look like or what we feel we need to resolve in some way? Maybe it should be more about how we intend to approach this new year.....

In this new year, give yourself the grace to know not every goal you set or intention you may have to change your focus or possibly try something new will be met. Love yourself for taking the chance, moving in a new direction or just for changing your mindset. That is action! New Year...same beautiful, flawed, imperfect YOU!

If you are looking to learn a little something new about yourself this year, or are interested in exploring ways to live intentionally, this practice and your mat are a path. A place to let go, find freedom, play, laugh, cry and most importantly be YOU! Move, Breathe and Grow while staying rooted in who you are, accepting of everything you find along the way.

Happy New Year!

Peace, Love & Light



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