What is Adaptive Therapeutic Yoga

Adaptive therapeutic yoga is a holistic healing art that encourages individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the practice of yoga. Adaptive yoga invites presence, enhances self awareness and strives to balance the whole being. It adapts to the health needs of the individual, focusing on prevention, recovery, maintenance and freedom from disease and illness. Utilizing postures, mindful movement and breath work, yoga therapy empowers the individual to create sustainable life style choices for long term wellness.


Private Instruction

Private sessions are offered to students in need of a more focused yoga experience through a personalized practice. Private instruction allows for an individualized yoga experience that group classes do not offer. They are an ideal option for practitioners seeking to deepen their yoga practice, desire to focus on specific areas of the body or learn about other holistic wellness options, including meditation, mindful breath work, and energy healing.  During private sessions, we will focus on the individual client’s condition and seek out the yoga techniques that can best improve the function of the body or provide relief to a health condition if one exists. Yoga, and its many benefits, heals.

Private sessions are meant for you.....

  • Have a full schedule and are seeking practice times that are a better fit for you

  • Wish to deepen your practice through personalized yoga sessions

  • Seeking further education related to yoga and other related self-care options

  • Desire to focus on specific areas of the body or ailments that need attention


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